Imagine . . .

Waking up on a Sunday and like a dreamy exotic scene from a painting, you are just getting lost in a tranquil retreat in the heart of Santorini, Greece.

The fragrance of exotic plants and trees hangs heavy in the air, transporting you to a place far from everyday reality.

You knew it was beautiful because you’d already seen pictures on the web, and now after experiencing the soaring, steep cliffs, you realize that the pictures don’t even come close.

While strolling through the picturesque little villages, you are just mesmerized by those breathtaking panoramic views.

After hiking up the rugged landscape and walking among the ruins you capture fantastic photos of the blue-domed network of homes.

You enjoy the amazing variety of shopping stores, you swim in the piercingly blue sea, and you meet new friends from all over the world. But most of all—the sunsets!

Every evening brings a kaleidoscope of colors that you’ll never forget.

This dream can be your reality!

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Hi, I’m Mariam.

I’m passionate about travel. I’ve traveled regularly for many years and so far I’ve been to 23 countries around the world and counting!

I get asked how I’m able to travel frequently as a busy person with a demanding schedule and I finally want to share my secret.

I’m not rich, don’t have a remote job, nor am I into travel hacking using credit cards.

So how do I do this?

It’s through years of traveling and learning different techniques to find the cheapest flight deals.

That’s how I found amazing roundtrip deals to Iceland for $279, Spain for $325, Italy for $378, China for $403, Kenya for $551, Australia for $606, and more.

Sometimes an airline offers a sale or makes a mistake and those are the deals we look for, but they don’t last long.

That’s why my brother and I built this product to find cheap flight deals and alert you before they disappear.

Our goal is to help you fulfill your travel dreams, make friends, create lifetime memories, and come home refreshed!


Have you ever…

  • Spent hours on different travel websites looking for a ticket that fits your schedule and budget?
  • Planned a vacation and had a hard time deciding on a destination or didn’t know where to look?
  • Seen your friends post beautiful vacation photos and wished that was you?
  • Settled for a destination you’re not interested in or simply gave up?

You’re not the only one!

You probably think that some people have more money and that’s why they’re able to travel. Or that they’re using their points and miles from their credit cards. Or work remotely/overseas.

I’m here to tell you that a life of frequent travel is possible for you without any of the above.

Airlines intentionally make the cheapest flight deals hard to find and they disappear very quickly.

That’s going to change today.

This is how you can get amazing deals…


Personalized flight deal alerts for busy people who want to
fulfill their travel dreams at insanely low prices.

How It Works


We scour the internet daily for the cheapest flight deals from your home airport & nearby airports.


If the deal is really good we send you an email with all the information and a link to book it directly with the airline – no middleman.


You take a vacation to your dream destination.

What Our Members Say

I wasn't sure what to expect, but so far I'm loving the deals! I joined because I LOVE to travel and save money doing it. Naima
So far the service has been amazing and I'm already thinking of booking one of the deals! Sumeya
I take vacations at least twice a year, but haven't always found the best deals. So far I'm loving the cheap flight deals and the convenience of receiving them all with a simple email! Idman
I like that I'm getting amazing deals on flights so I can travel more and save money! I also like the fact that I don’t have to look for the deals, it makes my life so much easier. Suad
I thought I couldn’t afford to travel, but changed my mind looking at the deals you sent me! I want to travel the world and the deals are useful to a budget traveler like me. Misa

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